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Apart from the artworks in Beirut, can I visit any other part of Lebanon for an art exhibition?

Yes, of course. Lebanon is a home of many artworks, but Beirut is the biggest artwork city in Lebanon. There are still smaller galleries in other parts of Lebanon where you can find awesome paintings.

What kind of artwork can I find in Lebanon?

You can find a wide variety of arts and culture in Lebanon. There are paintings, music, dances, festivals, sports, photography and other arts. Lebanon has it all, especially when you get to Beirut.

Where can I get the music by the Lebanese?

You can view live musical shows or purchase a copy of your desired Lebanese music from any music store. You can also have access to Lebanese music online, for example, through YouTube and Facebook.

Do I need to pay before attending any exhibition in Beirut?

Yes, of course. If there is going to be an exhibition, every individual must pay in order to gain access into the galleries, but the fees are usually very affordable. You can also visit any of the galleries at your leisure.

Which of these art forms are best practiced in Lebanon: contemporary art or visual art?

Both are well practiced. Visual art is an art usually involves paintings or drawings, while contemporary art showcases other artistic activities such as dancing, music, etc.

How do I locate the galleries in Beirut?

You can browse for them on the internet or seek the assistance of residents for direction. Most times, there are standby assistants that will help you go around in Beirut.

Is artwork the only source of revenue to the nation of Lebanon?

Lebanon is a country that is well blessed with mineral resources and a good geographical location which enhances better natural activities. However, it is a fact that arts and culture is one of the biggest sources of revenue to the country in the sense that it attracts foreigners and investors who would love to purchase one artwork or another.

Is there any season or time of the year when an exhibition in Lebanon is done?

Yes, of course. It is the body that governs exhibitions in Lebanon that actually organize the exhibitions. An exhibition is a time where every artist showcases their work to viewers in a large collection, especially paintings. However, you can also view these paintings privately at the galleries.

Is Lebanon the best among all Arab nations in the arts?

Yes, Lebanon is very rich in artwork and also culture. It is one of the best tourist zones in the Arab nations owing to their rich artistic concepts as well as their topography. Lebanon as a nation is naturally artistic and also has quite a lot of socio-political history that contributes to their position in the Arab art world.

Where are the best tourist zones in Lebanon?

As a matter of fact, Beirut is the home for art galleries. Other areas in Lebanon still have one or two artworks to showcase, but if you really want to get it all, then you really need to be in Beirut.

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